With the May 17th announcement of the new guidelines issued by Governor Baker in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that will go into effect on May 29th, we are moving forward with reopening more areas of the church. Beginning Sunday, May 30th.

Will masks be required?

 We will not require masks to be worn inside or outside.
  If you personally feel more comfortable wearing one then we encourage you to feel comfortable with wearing a mask.
  The pastors will have a mask with them if you would be more comfortable that you wear one while interacting

Will we need to continue to register for Sunday services?

 We will no longer require reservations for Sunday services and there will no longer be a time restriction on when you can enter before the service.

What about social distancing?

 We will no longer ask you to social distance.
 *If possible, we will work to accommodate any individuals or families who still prefer to be seated with social distance and our seating will reflect a slow graduation to returning to the regular seating style.

What about Student Life Ministry?

 Our StudentLife Ministry will not be required to social distance or wearing of a mask. We will leave this to the parents to decide on their preference for their children when they are attending a service or event. Our leaders and staff will not be wearing a mask but will have one available should the student be more comfortable when they are interacting.

Will KidsLife be reopening?

 We are excited to let you know that we are actively working on reopening our KidsLife program on Sunday mornings. We will be opening on some level within the next few weeks, we will be sending out information on this so please be watching for the announcement.

Our facility is open, both the upper and lower levels. We will continue to clean and sanitize as we have been doing. We will be updating you on any future guidelines that are made by the Governor that directly affect us here at Liberty.

We are so excited to have everyone come back but we understand some may still not be comfortable so we will still be providing our Sunday services online through our website, YouTube and Facebook.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.