Our Team

Tina Moen


I love God and I love people! Having grown up as a military child, an “Air Force Brat,” I can relate with the quote, “There are no strangers, only friends I’ve yet to meet.” The people and places of my life have constantly changed, but God … He has always remained the same!

Proverbs 3:5 & 6 is my life verse. I trust in the Lord with all of my heart and I lean not on my own understanding. I acknowledge him in all of my ways, and he directs my path! As the Lord leads - I follow! In 2018, the Lord led Tim and I on a path that brought us to Liberty Church. As the Ministry Development Director, it is an honor and a privilege to live my life … Loving People to Christ!

Marriage and Motherhood are my truest delight - My family bring me my greatest joy! Ask me about my kids - I’ll beam. I have a degree in Elementary Education - A piece of my heart will always be in the classroom. I’m thankful that ministry is a lifestyle I get to live - not a job I have to do!